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We've been outsourcing all our really important web design and programming work to DigSam for over three years.. The thing we like most is DigSam's scrupulous honesty. The team is very hard working. If you want to hand over some work and forget about it, hand it over to DigSam. These Dudes Rock
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The Client
Our client deals in manufacturing of personalized gift items to corporate. They have latest equipments and a fleet of corporate customers to serve all over India.
The Business challenge
Client required a website where site users can design their own stuff online. For this unique web development project client wanted Digsam to develop a solution where a site user can do the following on a range of products:
Upload image
Upload text
Change the font style and color of text.
Change the position of upload image and text.
Make payments online.

The system needed to be extremely user friendly while providing for the complete life cycle of an order.

The Solution
This project required a skill base crossing over many programming disciplines. Digsam were able to provide these in the form of highly experienced developers involved in an end-to-end process.

We developed and delivered the applications in a phased manner. The system implemented was developed on PHP, JAVACRIPT, and MYSQL. The key functionalities of the system were – Online Orders, Invoice generation, and reporting.

In addition to this Digsam provided client with an easy to use admin interface where clients is always in control of all the orders placed on the site.
Front End
Secure shopping cart online ordering facilities 24hrs 7 days a week.
Controlled Real-Time email confirmation of orders.
Credit card or direct debit purchasing options All over the world.
High level security with industry standard 128 Bit encryption.
Simple navigation structure to maximize sales for first time users and one off buyers.
Ability to add multiple personalized products to single cart order
Ability to view, change or cancel order.

Back End
Website made easy with updatable features via the easy to use admin interface.
Dynamic product list with add, delete and modify options and ability to categorize and sub categorize products.
Site automatically calculation shipping costs based on quantity of products.
Automation of administrative duties such as processing and tracking orders.

The application fulfils the primary function of order placing and tracking of personalized gifts. Order processing is organized through the use of order statuses.

Site administrator can monitor order status in real time, for this purpose client is kept informed through automatic email notification. At any given moment, the whole history of the order statuses and parameters is available thru admin interface.

For effective communication with the site users, the administrator can email the users who did not complete the order for some reasons. The site user will receive the email and he need no go thru the whole order process again.

Quick and Easy ability to Add, Modify or Change product information and graphics

Efficient usage of equipment and manpower.
Technical Environment
Hardware Environment - Linux
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