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We've been outsourcing all our really important web design and programming work to DigSam for over three years.. The thing we like most is DigSam's scrupulous honesty. The team is very hard working. If you want to hand over some work and forget about it, hand it over to DigSam. These Dudes Rock
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As information technology salaries continue to skyrocket, the bidding war to hire and retain top computing talent remains in full swing. IT staff outsourcing serves as a practical, cost-effective hiring alternative for budget-conscious CIOs who are struggling to complete Y2K-related projects and keep up with new developments in information technology.

According to a 1998 salary survey conducted by the System Administration, Networking and Security Institute, a Bethesda, Md.-based educational organization, the average raise for IT professionals was 11.9 percent last year. More than 7,100 public- and private-sector IT professionals participated. The median salary was $60,991, and more than 75 percent of respondents indicated a salary between $40,000 and $90,000.

While contract staff are used primarily to provide support for permanent IT staff at large organizations, they also serve as an effective remedy to the salary concerns at small to midsize organizations. In addition to relieving human resources departments of the burden of recruiting, screening and evaluating IT talent, using contract employees eliminates the paperwork and costs associated with health and disability coverage and other benefits extended to full-time staff.

Outsourcing fills immediate needs but also eliminates much of the difficulty of employee-employer compatibility, which can often be difficult to assess until an employee has worked several months. Many organizations also offer lease-to-hire programs that make it possible to permanently retain contracted employees who prove to be a good fit.
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